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Brent Hentz

Business Manager

Brent Hentz is a Business Manager at Manhattan West with over twenty years of experience in both business management and accounting.  

Before joining Manhattan West, Mr. Hentz served as a Business Manager within the entertainment, legal, medical and design industries. In his prior roles, he was responsible for handling all aspects of a client’s financial affairs, including but not limited to full-cycle accounting, cash flow analysis, personal and professional budgeting, and the resolution of contractual and billing disputes. In addition to the above, Mr. Hentz assisted CPAs in tax projections as well as compliance with Federal and State reporting requirements.  

Mr. Hentz was also responsible for reorganizing a busy CPA firm into a paperless office, while simultaneously establishing the firm’s business management department. Mr. Hentz’s ceaseless effort to constantly improve his clients’ financial acumen is one of the many things that separate him from other business managers. 

Mr. Hentz attended Embry Riddle Areonautical University where he specialized in Aeronautical Engineering and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies. Mr. Hentz was also awarded the Civilian Medal of Honor for helping transport troops during the First Gulf War. 

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