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Dutch Turley

Construction Manager

Douglas “Dutch” Turley is the Construction Manager for Manhattan West.. Mr. Turley’s responsibilities include managing the construction process as it relates to Manhattan West’s real estate funds/strategies. Specifically, he oversees the buildout of new construction projects, in addition to managing the renovation of existing structures. Mr. Turley helps to ensure that each construction project follows Manhattan West’s strict investment mandate and that real estate investment assets are repositioned to deliver results efficiently.

Prior to joining Manhattan West, Mr. Turley worked with Taylor Made Remodels LLC. While there, Mr. Turley learned from a ‘bottom-up’ approach as he curated the building process. A hard worker by nature, Mr. Turley was promoted to a management position where he oversaw the company’s investment properties.

Before embarking on his real estate career, Mr. Turley served honorably in the United States Navy. After completing training, Mr. Turley became a Navy SEAL earning the coveted SEAL Trident with BUDs Class 269. He is a combat veteran having been deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Becoming a Navy SEAL requires discipline and immense mental fortitude to develop the skills necessary to succeed. Ultimately, Mr. Turley’s exceptionalism was recognized as he became a member of SEAL Team 8.

After being honorably discharged from the Navy, Mr. Turley became affiliated with a non-profit company, Operation Underground Railroad, where he was the Director of Rescue Operations. He led undercover sting operations to rescue children from sex trafficking rings in over 15 countries.

Mr. Turley received a scholarship to play water polo, while earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science at Brigham Young University in Hawaii. Mr. Turley enjoys many hobbies, including surfing and skydiving.

1999 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 3000, Los Angeles, CA 90067

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