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Lauren Adovasio

Director of Family Office Services

Lauren Adovasio is the Director of Family Office Services at Manhattan West where she oversees the Family Office Services division of the firm. Their main objective is to deliver bespoke planning solutions to the firm’s clients.  With almost two decades in financial analysis and accounting, Ms. Adovasio brings a strong business acumen to bear.

Assessing each client individually, Ms. Adovasio creates a customized and sustainable plan designed to assist her client’s day-to-day financial life.  Mindful of her client’s short-term goals and objectives, Ms. Adovasio contemplates a long-term strategy always. Bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial analysis and budget development are just some of the services she provides.

Before joining Manhattan West, Ms. Adovasio was a professional Business Manager serving clientele hailing from the entertainment industry.  She was responsible for office management, resolving foreign and US tax issues, satisfying visa requirements, as well as, performing accounting and financial reconciliations.  Ms. Adovasio utilizes her actuarial analysis and production accounting background to help minimize liability to her clients.

A graduate of Florida State University, Ms. Adovasio earned a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science and Statistics

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